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A Passion for Everything We Do


What started as a mindset of one man and a fuel truck serving the northeast corner of the state of Texas and the area surrounding Texarkana, has seen decades of growth, resilient change and sustained redefining of the company to be what is known today as TAC - The Arnold Companies. Guided by the principles of discipline and integrity set originally by Truman Arnold, current leadership from CEO Greg Arnold delivers exponential growth while inspiring innovation and fortitude over the past five decades as one of the leading privately held companies of Texas and the U.S.

Today, TAC - The Arnold Companies continues to redefine not only the service levels that exceed expectations in the industries it serves but has embarked on a journey to define the level of innovation required to lead in those industries and venture into new areas of business.

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Passionate About Service for Over Half a Century

The change taking place at TAC today is redefining the future of business based on the value of service

Half a century of experience in the energy field set a robust foundation for understanding multi-layered industry needs across a complex and faceted sector of the energy business from up-stream, mid-stream, transportation and storage to the downstream retail delivery sector.

Multiple decades of flying above the rest of the aviation industry with the elite services of business aviation ground handling, fueling, aircraft maintenance, charter and commercial support broadened the view of what it takes to create a national network of operations, services and real estate to become a brand so desired by the industry leader it was acquired to help pilot the number one provider in aviation flight services to the next level.

Years of managing against a changing market have defined the actions of the business, but it is the ‘excellence perspective’ from corporate leadership that focuses the plan and showcases the importance of the company values. "Strive to be the best service provider in the world", states Greg Arnold, "not the biggest. Let your passion for what you do show in your level of service." It is this commitment that has made TAC - The Arnold Companies one of the top private companies in the United States for over half a century.

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