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KTBS 3 Spotlight on TACenergy Leadership COO Fred Sloan - Sharing Thoughts on Changes in the Gas Market
Go Rentals Opens 10 New Locations with Partner, TAC Air
Tac Air's new facility features B17-G model airplane, Military Situation Room
TAC Air B-17G Model Brings Nostalgia and Tears


Latest Posts


Monday, Feb 28 2022

KTBS 3 Spotlight on TACenergy Leadership COO Fred Sloan - Sharing Thoughts on Changes in the Gas Market

Oil and Gas Prices Impacted by Tensions Oversees

Feb. 25, 2022

CLICK HERE to view read the original story on KTBS.com>

DALLAS, Texas - A Texas-based fuel supplier says gas prices will likely go up some more before they go down.

TAC Energy CEO Fred Sloan says crude oil prices have been going up over the past year. He says prices are about 35% higher than they were a year ago.

While the war in Ukraine has created some uncertainties in the energy market, Sloan says oil and gas supplies are not an issue for the U.S., and he doesn't believe gas prices will go up dramatically.

"The U.S. market is super elastic, and the U.S. crude supply is not at risk, refinery operations are not at risk, and the fuel that is at the gas station down the street will be there," said Sloan.

He says gas prices are expected to slightly increase in the spring and summer as usual, but as long as there's no major escalations in Europe, prices should slowly decrease of the course of the year.

"Now again, it will be volatile for a while, but the fact of the matter is there is no major supply demand influence that's going to cause prices in our region to get above where we are today," said Sloan.

Meanwhile, Sloan says the Ukraine invasion could have more of an impact on the global grain supply.

Russia and Ukraine together produce nearly a quarter of the world’s wheat.

Thursday, Feb 24 2022

Go Rentals Opens 10 New Locations with Partner, TAC Air

Go Rentals Opens 10 New Locations with Partner, TAC Air

Feb. 23, 2022
Related To: Go Rentals

CLICK HERE to read the original story on AviationPros.com>

Go Rentals, a car rental company specializing in the private aviation industry and servicing fine hotels and resorts, will be opening 10 new locations with its partner TAC Air. They are  Denver, Colorado (APA); Windsor Locks, Connecticut (BDL); Dallas, Texas (DAL); Lexington, Kentucky (LEX); Omaha, Nebraska (OMA); Provo, Utah (PVU); Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina (RDU); Scottsdale, Arizona (SDL); Salt Lake City, Utah (SLC); and Knoxville, Tennessee (TYS).

As TAC Air’s preferred rental car provider, Go Rentals is honored to be recognized for their dependability, consistency, attention to detail and unique level of service. In the awarding of this contract, TAC Air and Go Rentals considered where existing Go Rentals guests frequently travel in order to strategically select the 10 locations. Go Rentals looks forward to providing its signature luxury service to TAC Air guests who fly to ski resorts, horse destinations, and mountain getaway spots.

In earning this partnership, Go Rentals is expanding its portfolio of FBO partners who entrust them to deliver top-notch quality and selection of vehicles. With a motto such as “service with no ceiling,” TAC Air is a natural partner for Go Rentals. Each brand stands to mutually benefit from the other’s focus on service and dedication to putting people first.

“Go Rentals stands out from its competitors because of its unrivaled commitment to going above and beyond for its guests,” states Joe Gibney, COO at TAC Air. “We are pleased to partner with Go Rentals to offer our guests a personalized rental car experience in which we, ourselves, trust.”

CEO of Go Rentals, Kaye Gitibin, remarks, “We are honored by this opportunity to serve existing Go Rentals guests in additional locations and to reach new guests in the 10 new markets. We look forward to building our partnership with TAC Air so our guests experience exceptional service and hospitality throughout their travels.”

Monday, Feb 7 2022

Tac Air's new facility features B17-G model airplane, Military Situation Room

Tac Air's new facility features B17-G model airplane, Military Situation Room

by Morgan Duerden
Friday, February 4th, 2022

CLICK HERE to watch and read the original story on abc7amarillo.com>

Amarillo, Texas (KVII) — Tac Air, which serves Amarillo’s non-commercial aircraft passengers, has opened its new facility.

With the new renovations, the fixed base operator has nearly doubled its terminal space and added unique features to meet the growing market in Amarillo.

Jeremy VanDyke, Tac Air General Manager, said the company has been serving the aviation community in Amarillo since 1993. However, as the city grew over the years, so did the demand for Tac Air’s services which meant it was time to expand.

“We have now completed construction of this 8,600 square foot executive terminal and we are really excited to welcome the general aviation, military and business aircraft flying into Amarillo,” VanDyke said.

The new facility is equipped with Tac Air’s first Military Situation Room where service members can conduct training as well as store their gear. The Pilot’s Lounge has sleeping rooms and showers. There is also a Safe Room in case of severe weather.

Many of the building’s features are tailored to this region, including the model airplane in the lobby, which speaks to the yellow city's close ties to aviation.

“We chose the B17-G model because of the history of the B-17 at this airfield as one of the original MRO stations back when this was Amarillo Army Air Field,” VanDyke said.

At Amarillo Army Air Field mechanics and technicians were trained to be the “Guardians of the B-17,” an aircraft known for its high-flying and toughness.

Mike Connor, Director of Aviation at Rick Husband International said they have seen a lot of growth in corporate and general aviation traffic. He believes this new building is a great representation of Amarillo.

“When people fly in, they see this beautiful facility,” Connor said. “It’s probably the first time they have been here in many cases, and you know it gives them a really good opinion of, hey Amarillo is not just this podunk town in the middle of nowhere we are actually up with the times.”

With this facility, Tac Air says they are ready to help propel Amarillo into continued growth for many years to come.

Wednesday, Feb 2 2022

TAC Air B-17G Model Brings Nostalgia and Tears

1/5th scale TAC Air B-17G model brings viewers to tears as they remember the stories of their fathers who operated the aircraft in WWII

From the PACMIN Blog
January 6, 2022

In late 2021, TAC Air commissioned Pacmin Studios to create a replica B-17G airplane model display to honor the rich heritage of the airport, which was once Amarillo Army Air Field.

TAC Air renovates its FBOs to showcase the beauty and history of its locations. In Amarillo, Texas, they adorned the lobby with a massive, suspended airplane model display of the iconic B-17G bomber, affectionately naming it the Amarillo Star

The Amarillo Air Field was once home to the USAAC Aircraft Technical School, which trained mechanics and technicians to repair B-17s during WWII. Those that graduated from this program became known as the “Guardians of the B-17.” The Amarillo Star model honors this local legacy. 

Through the installation process, passersby recounted memories evoked by the model. Richard Layson, TAC Air Director, Operations West, recounts a customer’s reaction as the model was carefully uncrated. “He noticed what was in the [crate] and immediately asked, is this a B-17? I responded to him it was. We would be hanging this in our lobby. We, TAC Air, recognize how important this aircraft was to the city of Amarillo. 

“He began to tell me that his father was a [WWII] veteran who was the tail gunner in a B-17 during the war. He had said his father was shot down and taken as a POW and held captive and almost died in the German encampments. He began to tear up as he recounted the story of what his Dad had done and how that aircraft meant so much to him and his family. He was so privileged to see this and would be bringing his siblings to also see such a great replica.”

After the B-17G installation, Richard stated, “It was so clear to see that in these stories that this aircraft has such a generational impact on their lives. I am so proud to have worked with [Pacmin Studios] on this project and to have our military customers be represented in this way.”

The fabricated model pays homage to the famous B-17G “Memphis Belle.” It features an iconic olive drab and neutral grey paint scheme. Tad Perryman, TAC Air VP of Marketing, stated, “The nose art graphic [for the Amarillo Star] was designed to reflect similar artwork painted on aircraft by pilots and crew as a means of identifying one another, and later becoming a way to remember what’s waiting back home. The serial number of the aircraft painted on the stabilizer in yellow represents the date TAC Air was established as the FBO at Amarillo, TX, November 1. 1993.”

Fabrication of the B-17G model took several months. The finished 1/5 scale B-17G model is 14.8 feet (4.5 meters) long and has a 20.8 foot (6.3 meters) wingspan. It is displayed suspended at a bank to give the illusion of flight and highlight the model’s intricate detail and craftsmanship. The model is visible outside the FBO through the upper entrance windows and greets all who enter.

Tad beautifully stated, “Pacmin Studios brings life to part of the story.” 

Read the full story on pacmin.com >

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