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Stopped For Energy PricesBob Schick of TAC Air Continues to Serve as Member of IS-BAH Standards Board for 2021/2022Brent Crude Oil Prices Reached Their HighestBull Market In Energy Prices May Have EndedBullish Headlines Have Energy Markets SurgingBullish Inventory Report Fails To Sustain A Rally Bulls Aren’t Giving Up Control Of This Market Just YetBulls Back In The Driver’s SeatBulls Have Taken Back Control Of Energy MarketsBulls Own Control Of Energy Prices Bulls Temporarily Lose Control of Energy Market Busy Week For Earnings ReleasesBuyers Stepped InBuying Spree In Energy And Equity Markets  California Regulators Requiring Refineries To Improve Their NOx EmissionsCalloway’s Nursery joins Dallas Love Field mixed-use project with plans for new storeCalm Between Storms For Energy Markets Carry The Load 2019 National Relay SponsorCarry The Load Thankful For Memorial May ParticipationCase Study: The Arnold Companies Website RedesignCautious Push Higher Continues TodayCeiling On Energy Prices Remains Intact CFTC Releases Study On Climate ChangeChallenges Coming This Winter Chances Of Stimulus Package Points Equity Markets HigherChaotic Trading Grips Pockets Of U.S. Equity Markets Charts Continue To Favor Lower Prices Chevron Shutters Pascagoula Refinery Ahead Of StormChinese Power Shortage Partially Blamed For Refinery Output DroppingChoppy Action Continues for Energy Markets Choppy Back And Forth Action ContinuesChoppy Futures Remain The ThemeChoppy Holiday Week For Energy Prices So Far Christmas Eve Not Kind To Energy PricesCocktail Of Bearish News Sends Financial Markets LowerCocktail Of Bullish Headlines Push Markets HigherCoiled Spring Effect Propels Prices Sharply Higher Cold Water Thrown On Petroleum Price RallyColonial Pipeline Forced To Shut Its Main Gasoline Line Colonial Pipeline System Restart and Operational UpdateComplex Continues To Move SidewaysComplex Managed To Shrug Off Sell-off In Equity MarketsComplex Poised To Take A Loss On The WeekConcerns Of More Widespread Shutdowns Alleviated Concerns Over Storage Appear Largely Behind UsConcerns That Energy Shortage Will Derail Global Economic RecoveryConflicting Headlines And Inventory Data Points Continue To Confound The MarketControversial Negotiations Over Gas Regulations Cooler Heads Prevail In Tuesday's TradingCoronavirus Fallout ContinuesCorrelation Between Energy And Equity Prices StrengthensCrude Oil Stocks Remain Above Seasonal AverageCrude Oils Benchmarks Leading Energy Complex LowerDaily Coronavirus Market Teeter-TotterDamage Assessments Begin After Hurricane Hits Louisiana Damage Caused By Extreme Cold SnapDamage To Plants Exceeding Expectations Debate Over Economic Restarts Face Off Against FearsDemand Fears Outweighing Supply ConcernsDemand Fears Seem To Lurk Around Every CornerDemand Fears Stronger Than Supply FearsDiesel Futures Break Through New One-Year HighsDiesel Futures Hold On To Overnight WeaknessDiesel Futures Try To Lead The Energy Complex Higher Diesel Prices Continue To SlideDiesel Supplies Decline For Seventh Straight Week Disappointing Demand Readings From The DOEDisappointment Over Output Cuts And Weak DemandDiscussion On Environmental Pressure Businesses Face Divergence Seems To Be The Theme Of The Week For Energy PricesDOE Week 1 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 10 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 11 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 12 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 13 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 14 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 15 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 16 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 17 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 18 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 19 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 2 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 20 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 21 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 22 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 23 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 25 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 26 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 27 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 28 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 29 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 3 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 30 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 31 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 32 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 33 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 34 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 35 - 2019 ReportDOE Week 36 - 2019 ReportDOE 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Sell-OffEarly Recovery Bounce Takes PlaceEarly Stages Of Major Commodity Rally Early Wave of SellingEconomic Fears Trump Supply Threats Economic Shutdown Aims At New Part Of Oil BarrelElection Day In The USElection Of New Iranian PresidentElectronic Trading Seeing Bounce In Oil And GasolineEmphatic Recovery Puts Bulls Back In The Driver SeatEnd To A Choppy Week For Energy Prices Energy And Equity Markets Limp To Finish Line Energy And Equity Markets Starting Monday In RedEnergy And Equity Prices See Strong Gains In Early TradingEnergy Assets Attacked Again Energy Bulls Pass Big Test With Flying ColorsEnergy Complex Bouncing For Second DayEnergy Complex Carves Out A Bottom Following Price Collapse Energy Complex Continued To Fall YesterdayEnergy Complex Drifts Lower Energy Complex Still Faces Selling Pressure Energy Complex Finished Mixed YesterdayEnergy Complex In Game Of Tug-Of-WarEnergy Complex Likely to Open LowerEnergy Complex Mixed TodayEnergy Complex Moves Back Into Neutral TerritoryEnergy Complex Moving HigherEnergy Complex Moving Higher For 5th Straight DayEnergy Complex Moving SidewaysEnergy Complex Pulling Back After Week Of Heavy BuyingEnergy Complex Pushed Through Technical ResistanceEnergy Complex Saw Buying PressureEnergy Complex Selling Off After Seeing Heavy BuyingEnergy Complex Struggles To Find DirectionEnergy Complex Teeters On Edge Of Technical Breakdown Energy Complex Took A BreatherEnergy Complex Trading Higher TodayEnergy Complex Trading Lower on OPEC news todayEnergy Complex Tries To Bounce This Reversal Thursday Energy Complex Tries To Claw Back Some ValueEnergy Complex Trying To Claw Back GainsEnergy Complex Under Heavy Selling PressureEnergy Complex Under Pressure Energy Complex Up ModestlyEnergy & Equity Markets Are SlidingEnergy Futures Are Drifting Higher This MorningEnergy Futures Are Moving Higher And Attempting To Break Out Of The Rounding Top PatternEnergy Futures Moving Modestly LowerEnergy Futures Are Moving Modestly Lower For A 3rd Trading SessionEnergy Futures Are Selling Off TuesdayEnergy Futures are Starting the Week with Modest LossesEnergy Futures are Ticking Quietly HigherEnergy Futures Trying Another Modest RallyEnergy Futures Trying To Bounce After Post-Labor Day Head-FakeEnergy Futures At Fourth Straight Day Of LossesEnergy Futures Hit Multi-Month LowsEnergy Futures Attempting To RallyEnergy Futures Back On The ClimbEnergy Futures Back On The MoveEnergy Futures Back On The SlideEnergy Futures Bounce Back After Weak Friday Finish Energy Futures Broke Bottom End Of Recent Trading RangeEnergy Futures Catching Their BreathEnergy Futures Cautiously Coasting Energy Futures Chop Back And ForthEnergy Futures Continue As Markets Await Decisions From Two Major Powers In Global Oil PricesEnergy Futures Continue Slow MarchEnergy Futures Continue To Hold In A Sideways PatternEnergy Futures Continue To Hover Near Multi-Year HighsEnergy Futures Continue To Melt-DownEnergy Futures Continue To Tread WaterEnergy Futures Cooling Their HeelsEnergy Futures Cooling Their Heels 11-5-2020Energy Futures Crumbled To Lowest LevelsEnergy Futures Dropped 5% In The Past Two Trading SessionsEnergy Futures Erase Monday's Losses Energy Futures Face Meaningful Sell-OffEnergy Futures Face Modest Wave Of Selling Energy Futures Facing Second Day Of SellingEnergy Futures Follow Lead Of Equity MarketsEnergy Futures Get A Bounce After 7 Days of SellingEnergy Futures Give Back Half Of Monday GainsEnergy Futures Going NowhereEnergy Futures Hold Up In The Face Of Fear TradeEnergy Futures Hover Near Multi-Month HighsEnergy Futures In Recovery Rally ModeEnergy Futures Kicked Off New Year With Stylish VolatilityEnergy Futures Knocked BackwardsEnergy Futures Lacking Conviction To Make Next Big PushEnergy Futures Look Like They’re StuckEnergy Futures Lower After Reversing Gains Seen Yesterday Energy Futures Mixed This Morning Energy Futures Moving HigherEnergy Futures Moving Higher For 2nd DayEnergy Futures Moving In Opposite DirectionsEnergy Futures Moving Into Red AgainEnergy Futures Moving Tentatively HigherEnergy Futures On Pace For Gains Energy Futures On The Move HigherEnergy Futures Pick Up Where January Left OffEnergy Futures Picking Up Where They Left OffEnergy Futures Punching Through Multi-Year HighsEnergy Futures Rallied To End The DayEnergy Futures Selling Off For 2nd Straight DayEnergy Futures Sent Sharply HigherEnergy Futures Sliding Into RedEnergy Futures Slipping Into RedEnergy Futures Slipping Modestly LowerEnergy Futures Sold Off For Four Straight DaysEnergy Futures Spent Week RecoveringEnergy Futures Stand On Green Side Of FlatEnergy Futures Starting 2019 On Weak NoteEnergy Futures Starting 2nd Quarter On Strong NoteEnergy Futures Starting In The Red TodayEnergy Futures Starting Week With Modest Round Of BuyingEnergy Futures Struggle To Find DirectionEnergy Futures Struggle To Find Price Floor Energy Futures Struggling For DirectionEnergy Futures Stumble Out Of The GateEnergy Futures Stumbling Out Of GateEnergy Futures Stumbling Out Of GatesEnergy Futures Surging Higher To Start WeekEnergy Futures Taking A BreatherEnergy Futures Taking A Post-Holiday BreatherEnergy Futures Taking Lead From Equity MarketsEnergy Futures Teeter On Edge Of Technical BreakdownEnergy Futures Ticking Modestly HigherEnergy Futures Ticking Modestly Higher To Begin WeekEnergy Futures Ticking Modestly LowerEnergy Futures Trading HigherEnergy Futures Trading SidewaysEnergy Futures Tread Water Energy Futures Tread Water To Start Last Week Of JulyEnergy Futures Treading WaterEnergy Futures Treading Water After Strong Wednesday SessionEnergy Futures Treading Water To Start The WeekEnergy Futures Treading Water To Start WeekEnergy Futures Try To Find A Bid Energy Futures Under PressureEnergy Futures Up Almost 2% Overnight Energy Futures WeakenEnergy Futures Were Going To Settle LowerEnergy Futures Were Slumping To Start Friday’s Session Energy Futures Wiped Out Previous ProgressEnergy Market Trying To Find BottomEnergy Markets Dig In Heels After Brutal MayEnergy Markets Digest Monthly Data Deluge Energy Markets Flat This MorningEnergy Markets Having Hard Time Making Up MindEnergy Markets Limp Into Labor Day WeekendEnergy Markets On The Brink Of Technical BreakdownEnergy Markets Start The Week ConflictedEnergy Markets Starting August Trading With A ThudEnergy Markets Survive Heavy Wave Of SellingEnergy Markets Trade Sideways Energy Markets Trading Modestly LowerEnergy Markets Treading Water To Start WeekEnergy Markets Try To Claw Back Energy Markets Try To Keep Upward MomentumEnergy Markets Trying To Figure Out Potential Impacts Of A Major HurricaneEnergy Markets Trying To Move HigherEnergy Prices Are Pulling Back This MorningEnergy Prices Are Sinking LowerEnergy Prices Are Stumbling To Start Friday's TradingEnergy Prices Back On The ClimbEnergy Prices Bounce After Worst Daily Selloff In A MonthEnergy Prices Bounced After Sizeable SelloffEnergy Prices Carve Out A Floor This Morning Energy Prices Caught Up In Technical BreakoutEnergy Prices Climb Once Again Energy Prices Continue Choppy Trading ActionEnergy Prices Erase Monday's Heavy Sell-OffEnergy Prices Fall On Recession Fears And Tariff DisputesEnergy Prices Fight To Find BottomEnergy Prices Finally Saw Meaningful PullbackEnergy Prices Holding Onto Modest GainsEnergy Prices In Full Rally ModeEnergy Prices Left In Technical LimboEnergy Prices Moving Higher For 3rd DayEnergy Prices On The Move HigherEnergy Prices Pause After Furious Rally Energy Prices Plunged To 7 Week Lows Wednesday, Even After DOE Reported Strong RecoveryEnergy Prices Poised For LossEnergy Prices Pull Back To Start Wednesday's Session Energy Prices Rally After Reported DealEnergy Prices ReboundEnergy Prices Recovered All Of Thursdays LossesEnergy Prices Score Big Technical VictoryEnergy Prices Selling Off Heavily To Start The WeekEnergy Prices Selling Off This MorningEnergy Prices Set All Sorts Of Records Energy Prices Sinking MildlyEnergy Prices Slipped Modestly Lower OvernightEnergy Prices Slipping Into RedEnergy Prices Struggle For DirectionEnergy Prices Struggle To Find A BottomEnergy Prices Stumble Into The WeekendEnergy Prices Stumbling To Start Friday’s SessionEnergy Prices Surge To Start Thursday's SessionEnergy Prices Surging As Tropical Storm Gordon Takes Aim At US Gulf CoastEnergy Prices Survive Multiple Selloff Attempts Energy Prices Survive Sell-Off AttemptEnergy Prices Swing After Missile LaunchEnergy Prices Taking A BreatherEnergy Prices Treading WaterEnergy Prices Under PressureEnergy Prices Up SlightlyEnergy Prices Up This MorningEnergy Rally Takes A BreatherEnergy Supply Crisis In Europe SpreadsEnergy Traders Taking No News As Good NewsENR Texas & Louisiana Announces 2020 Best Projects WinnersEntire Pipeline System Operational Again Equities Hit Record HighsEquities Weighed Heavy On Energy PricesEquity And Energy Markets Sent Sharply Lower Equity Markets Point HigherEquity Markets Ride High On Hope Instead Of Fear Equity Prices Whipsawed By Stimulus Package Rumors EU Agrees To Recovery Plan To Ease Economic DownturnEU & China Continue To Grapple With Energy ShortagesExpectations For Driving Demand Surge Expectations For Oil Output Cuts Outweigh Fears of FalloutEye-Popping Statistics Continue To Roll In Fear Gripped Equity And Energy MarketsFear Has Taken Hold Of Energy And Equity MarketsFear Is Back In The Driver's SeatFear Takes Control After Months Of Hope-Fueled Trading Fear Takes Hold Of Global MarketsFear Trade Takes Over The ActionFebruary Trading Starts On A Strong NoteFED Acknowledges Higher Levels Of Inflation FED Signals Interest Rates To Remain The Same FED Signals That Days Of Money Printing May Eventually EndFinancial Markets Unimpressed By Debate PerformanceFirm replacing Prior Aviation wants to make airport 'presentable gateway' to BuffaloFirst Anniversary Of Colossal SelloffFirst Evidence Of Fall Refinery Maintenance SeasonFirst Hurricane Of The Season Made LandfallFirst Trading Session Indicates Another Volatile Year Keystone Aviation Explains How To Identify A Reputable Air Charter ProviderFive Week Win-Streak SnappedFour Day Streak Of Fresh HighsFour Month-Old Bullish Trend Alive And WellFresh Lows Hit Overnight Fresh Multi-Month Highs Reached OvernightFrom Flying Circus to FBO, Wing Walking Is A True TalentFuel Prices And Renewable Credits Face Whiplash Futures Contracts Trading Around 1%Futures Prices Jump AroundFutures Pull Back From Multi-Month Highs Futures Pulling Back From Fresh HighsGas And Diesel Benchmarks Set New 7-Year Highs Gas Prices Survive Trip To Low End Of Trading RangeGasoline And Diesel Contracts Trying To Lead Energy Complex HigherGasoline And Diesel Prices Are Up Today While American And European Crude Oil Benchmarks Are DriftingGasoline And Diesel Prices Higher Than Before Lockdown Gasoline Demand (And Perhaps Prices) Reach A PlateauGasoline Futures Are Leading The Energy Complex Higher This MorningGasoline Futures Attempted To Pull Energy Complex HigherGasoline Futures Have Gone Nowhere This WeekGasoline Futures Lead The Complex Higher Gasoline Futures Leading Energy Complex HigherGasoline Futures Surging This MorningGasoline Futures Up Since Tuesday's SettlementGasoline Prices Cling To Small Gains Gasoline Prices Drag Energy Complex Modestly Lower Gasoline Prices Leading Push LowerGasoline Prices Finally Passed OutGasoline Prices Recoup Heavy Losses Gasoline Prices Take A Tumble Gasoline Prices Touch Fresh Three-Year HighGeopolitical Issues Taking Credit For Sharp Rally"Get-Out" Trading Goes For A Clean Sweep Glimmer Of Hope As Panic Selling Continues Global Equities Markets Selling OffGlobal Markets Dealt Dose Of FearGood News Getting Credit For Early GainsGreen Futures Markets Are The Theme This WeekHandling With CareHas Domestic Consumption Already Reached Its Peak? Have The Bulls Regained Control? Heating Oil Futures Hold On To Overnight GainsHeavy Selling In Energy FuturesHeavy Selloff Ended On A BounceHope Has Never Been Higher In The History Of The RBOB Market House Passes New $1.9 Trillion Spending BillHow Are Tariff Delays Affecting Overnight Selling?How Long Until Power Comes Back On?How Long Will It Last? How Long Will This Crude Chaos Last?How to Become a Charter PilotHow Will The Election Impact Oil Production? Huge Draws In Refined Product InventoriesHuge Price Reversal From 6-Year HighsHurricane Dorian Stalled Over The BahamasHurricane Expected To Make LandfallHurricane Laura Threatens U.S. Refineries Hurricane Shifts From The Heart Of Refining Country IEA Increases Global Demand ForecastImpacts To Fuel Supply Network Are Significant But Largely Contained In Another Technical Breakout To The Upside 2-15In Like A Lion And Out Like A LambIncrease in Crude Oil StocksIndecision Continues To Reign In Energy MarketsIndustry Continues To Grapple With Fallout From IdaInflation Fears Put On Back BurnerInflation Reaches A 13-Year HighInside Scoop On New TAC Air FBO at Dallas Love Field AirportInternational Tanker Rates Have IncreasedInventory Data Taking Credit For Rise In Prices TodayInventory Declines And Refinery IssuesInventory Draws And Positive Economic ReportsInvestors Flee To Find Safer Assets Iran's Unspoken Influence On Energy FuturesIs A Collapse Imminent?Is It "Trade Optimism," Or Is It "Turkey" Driving Energy FuturesJuly Purgatory Trading Pattern Continues How Keystone Aviation Maintains Clean and Sanitized Charter AircraftKeystone Aviation Announces J. Dan Govatos As New Operations Director Over U.S. Based Private Jet Charter And Aircraft ManagementKeystone Aviation Has Mastered Welcoming New Charter Customers Keystone Aviation Hires Chamberlain, WootenKeystone Aviation Private Jet Charter, Aircraft Management and Aircraft Maintenance Expands to ScottsdaleKeystone Aviation Recognized by FAA for Excellence in Maintenance Technician TrainingKeystone Aviation Renews WYVERN Wingman CertificationKRLD CEO Spotlight on Greg Arnold and the Braniff CentreKRLD CEO Spotlight on TACenergyLack Of Enthusiasm From Gasoline And Crude Oil PricesLackadaisical Buying Action Sees Quick Reversal Large Crude Oil Inventory BuildLarge Inventory Declines Across The Board Last WeekLarge Inventory Draws Under Pressure Large Plants Shutter After Polar PlungeLarger-Than-Expected 5.1 Million Barrel DrawLargest Drop In Crude Oil Inventory Levels Of The YearLargest Losing Month For Oil & US Equity MarketsLargest Remaining East Coast Plant Forced To Shut A UnitLast Trading Day Of The Month, Year And DecadeLate-Day Sell-Off Wipes Bullish Optimism Late Rally Pushes Prices Into The GreenLet The Madness BeginLong String Of Price BouncesLook Out Below? Energy And Equity Futures Are Pointed Sharply Lower AgainLots to like about TAC Air's upcoming Love Field facilityMajor Trade Deal Has Markets Rallying Many In The Market Caught Off-GuardMarch Madness Winds Down With A WhimperMarket Players Grapple With Numbers Never Seen BeforeMarket Seems Fixated On The SlowdownMarkets Around Globe Pull Back From Recent HighsMarkets Caught In Another “Risk Off” WaveMarkets Celebrate China's COVID Case-Count CollapseMarkets Cheer News Of New U.S. Treasury SecretaryMarkets Chop Back And ForthMarkets Climb The Wall Of Worry Markets Due For Technical Correction Markets Guess What Will Come Next Markets Hold Their Breath Ahead Of U.S. Presidential InaugurationMarkets In The Green To Start St. Patrick's Day Trading Markets Managed Strong Recovery RallyMarkets Spike Following Reports of 90% Effective COVID Vaccine Massive Explosion Amplifies Today's Rally Melt-Down Continues With Coronavirus Concerns Meltdown Continues For Energy FuturesMid-April Price Breakout Looking Like A Trap For The BullsMid Selloff in Energy PricesMilitary Strikes Spur Energy FuturesMinor Drag Coming From Diesel Contracts Seem To Have Lost Their Luster With Investing CommunityMixed Bag For Energy MarketsMixed Energy Complex This MorningMixed Start For Energy MarketsModest Bounce Turns Into Serious RallyModest Round Of Selling Picked Back UpMomentum Is Waning In Refined Product MarketsMomentum Wiped Out AgainMonday Rally Failed To Hold OnMorning Selloff Snowballs Into Something MeaningfulMost Important Refined Fuel Pipeline In US Knocked Offline Moves In Energy Futures Remain Relatively MutedMoving Through February Demand DoldrumsMultiple Equity Indices Holding At All-Time HighsMuted Reaction In Both Futures And Cash Markets Nation Nervously Awaits News On Colonial Pipeline ShutdownNatural Gas Futures Prices Are Falling For A Fifth Straight DayNatural Gas Prices Spike Around The WorldNegative Sentiment Spills Into Commodity SpaceNew COVID Fears Grip Markets Worldwide New Lockdowns Have Markets On EdgeNew Restrictions Due To Rising COVID Counts New Wave Of Selling Has Hit The ComplexNews Of Oil Tanker Seized By Iranian Forces News Update: New Senior Vice President and Chief Financial OfficerNumerous Commodities Have Major SelloffNYMEX Futures Trade In An Abbreviated SessionOfficials: Don’t panic; no widespread gas shortageOil And Diesel Futures Continue To Hold 4-Year HighsOil And Diesel Prices Continue To March HigherOil And Diesel Prices Hitting Fresh 8 Month Highs Oil and Diesel Prices Selling OffOil And Diesel Prices Trading At Multi-Year HighsOil And Gasoline Contracts Reached Fresh HighsOil And ULSD Prices Hold 3-Month HighsOil Deal Doubts OvershadowedOil Demand To Exceed Pre-COVID Levels Next Calendar YearOil & Diesel Prices Attempting Modest Rally Oil Futures Lead The Way Higher YesterdayOil Futures Spiked Sunday NightRoller-Coaster Continues With Oil Price WarOil Price War Sparks Biggest Single Day Sell-OffOil Prices are Set to Book a Loss for the Week Oil Prices Aren’t Going AnywhereOil Prices Attempt to RallyOil Prices Attempting To Rally Ahead Of Weekly Inventory ReportsOil Prices Continue To Drift LowerOil Prices Fall From Seven Month HighsOil Prices Hit Highest Level In Over Two Years Oil Prices Knocking On Door Of Technical BreakoutOil Prices Moving HigherOil Prices Moving Higher After Bouncing SharplyOil Prices Rally After U.S. President Tweets His High HopesOil Prices Reach Fresh Two Year Highs Overnight Oil Prices See Largest Daily SelloffOil Prices Settle At Their Highest Levels Oil Prices Trade At Highest Values In Over A YearOil Producers Feel Pressure From Host NationsOil Production Cuts Fall Short Of Demand Drop Oil & Refined Products Give Back Friday’s Early GainOld Braniff terminal takes off as a new mixed-use projectOmaha airports prepare to park hundreds of planes this weekendOpen Or Closed? Optimism Abounds With New Record HighsOptimism Abundant As Prices Reach New Levels Optimism Spilling Over Into Energy FuturesOptimists Feeling Foolish Output Cut Plan Announced Pandemic Prompts Big Changes for Business AviationPanic Has Crept In To Global Equity MarketsPanic Selling Grips Global MarketsPanic Selling Grips Markets Worldwide Parade Of Winter Storms Hits Demand Across The CountryPath Of Least Resistance For Product Prices Pause Continues As Markets See Small Losses Pausing After Weak Finish To Tuesday's Session Pessimism Taking Charge Of TradingPetroleum Complex Fell Out Of Bed Wednesday Morning With Refined Products And Crude Oil DownPetroleum Complex Selling OffPetroleum Futures Bought Back All That Was LostPetroleum Futures Catch Their Breath Petroleum Futures Going Essentially NowherePetroleum Futures Selling Off To Begin Thursday’s SessionPetroleum Futures Shrug Off Another Attempted SelloffPetroleum Futures Soared To Fresh 7 Year HighsPetroleum Futures Tread Water This MorningPetroleum Futures Wipe Out Early LossesPetroleum Prices Move Higher Following Inventory Declines Petroleum Product Inventories Boosted FuturesPhillips 66 Aviation Features TAC Air FBOsPipeline Fears Ending As Inflation Fears SpreadPivotal Price Action Over The Next Week Pivotal Test For The Energy Complex In The Back Half Of The WeekPivotal Week For Price ActionPolitical Posturing Has Short-Lived Impact On PricesPolitical Theatre In Washington This Week Pre-Holiday Gains Wiped Out After Post-Holiday TradingPresident Considering Giving Refiners Relief Presidential Debate Expected To Be Potential Market Mover Presidents’ Day Kicking Off With Slow StartPrices Are Drifting LowerPrices Are Flat Across Energy BoardPrices Are Trickling Back Into Their Sideways PatternPrices Consolidating While The World Waits For Recovery Prices Drop In Wake Of ViolencePrices Floating Downward Prices Have Gone Nowhere In Spite Of AttacksPrices Off To A Mixed StartPrices Pushed Through Technical ResistancePrices Red Across The BoardPrices Tick Higher Ahead Of Virtual Meeting Prices Up After Yesterday's Downward Pressure Prices Up This MorningProduct Prices Pushed The Petroleum Complex Into Official Bear Market Territory On TuesdayPromise Of Big ChangesPrompt Month Gasoline Contracts Lead The PackPullback In Prices After Euphoric Monday Gains Push Higher Continues For Energy PricesQ4 Kicks Off With Modest GainsQuiet Ending Overshadowed Volatile SessionQuiet Overnight Session Quickly Shifted Into Heavy SelloffQuiet Start For Energy FuturesQuiet Start For The Most Important Weeks Of The YearQuiet Start To End A Wild WeekRace To Build Economic Stimulus Bridge Race To Restart RefineriesRally Following Reports Of COVID Treatment OptionRally In Energy Prices Has ResumedRally In Energy Prices Stall While Awaiting Weekly ReportsRally-Or-Else Time For Energy FuturesRally Runs Out Of Steam Rapid Pace Of Price Recovery Rapid Tightening Of Fuel Supplies Around The WorldRare Red Day For Energy MarketsRash Of Refinery And Logistics Issues Plague Markets RBOB And Brent Clinging To Small GainsRBOB Futures Lag Behind The Rest Of The Energy ComplexRBOB Gasoline Futures Try To Lead Petroleum ComplexReal-World Impact Of Refinery ShutdownsRecord Smashing Numbers In DOE’s Status ReportRecovery Rally Continues For 2nd DayRecovery Rally On Shaky Ground Recovery Rally Running Out Of SteamRecovery Rally Runs Out Of SteamRecovery Rally Taking Step BackwardRecovery Rally Underway For Global Equity & Energy MarketsRedevelopment of old Braniff base at Dallas Love Field heads toward finishRefined Product Prices BouncedRefined Product Prices Knocked Back From Multi-Year HighsRefined Product Prices Recovering Friday’s LossesRefined Product Prices Taking A BreatherRefined Products Continue To Push Higher Refined Products Leading Rally Refined Products Moving Modestly LowerRefined Products Struggle To Keep Up After Friday’s Report Refineries Initiate Restart Efforts Refineries Operate Through The Storm Refinery Outages in the Gulf of MexicoRefinery Plant Announces Plan For Shut Down Refinery Restarts Underway Reports Suggest Stimulus Deal Is Within Reach 'Reversal Thursday’ Holding True To Form This Week Reversal Thursday In Effect For Energy FuturesRick Husband Amarillo International Airport seeing increase in air travel, adding new terminalRIN Rollercoaster Remains In Full Effect Rising Fuel Stockpiles Outweighing Rising Stock MarketsRising Inventory And Falling StocksRisk Has Gone Out Of StyleRisk Is Back On As Easy MoneyRoiling Markets Around The GlobeRollercoaster Ride Continues For Energy And Equity MarketsRollercoaster Ride Continues For Energy And Stock MarketsRollercoaster Ride Continues For Energy PricesRubiconPro Adds Fuelman, TAC Energy Discounts for Independent Hauling and Trucking FleetsSaudi Arabia's Energy Minister Levels Criticism Seasonal Divergence In Demand For Refined Products Second Quarter Winds Down In Quiet FashionSeeing A Seventh Day Of Heavy SellingSell-Off Continues In Energy FuturesSellers Come Out In Force Selling In Energy Futures Has Picked UpSelloff Snowballs Mid-MorningSelloff Stretches To A Sixth Straight DaySenate Election Results Impact On Financial Markets Set For New Record Highs? Several Stock Indices Hit Record HighsShaky Financial Markets Winning The War? Shift In Storm’s Path Reduces Threat Of Widespread Supply DisruptionShockwave Sent Through Energy Arena Shooting War Vs Trade War Tug-Of-War ContinuesShutdown Pessimism Outweighs Vaccine Optimism Sideways Action For Energy Markets ContinuesSigh Of Relief Rally Extends Significant Haircut For Refined Product FuturesSigns Of Economic Recovery Continue To Appear Signs Of Progress In The Covid-Wars Sizable Builds Send Prices LowerSizable Draw In Crude Oil InventoriesSky’s the Limit for Service and SuccessSlow And Steady Climb In Energy Markets Slow Hump Day For Energy TradingSlow-Motion Meltdown ContinuesSlow Start While Traders Come Back From HolidaySmall Contract Losses and Gains Start Thanksgiving Week 2019Glimmers Of Optimism Creep ThroughSmorgasbord Of Bullish Headlines Pushed Energy Complex HigherSnapping A Six Day Win Streak Solid Gains Posted As Trading Winds Down For HolidaySoybean Oil Prices Reach Record High LevelsSpring Break-Out Rally ContinuesSpring Breakout Rally Continues For Energy FuturesSpring Breakout Rally Recovering From HangoverSpring Breakout Rally Sprung For Energy PricesStage Set For Strong Friday Rally In Energy PricesStairs Up, Elevator Down For Energy And Equity MarketsStand-Off In Congress Sparks Flight To SafetyStarting Last Day Of The Year On A Stronger NoteStarting November On A Strong NoteSteam Knocked Out Of Rally In Energy Futures OvernightStimulus Package Encourages Buying Across Asset ClassesStock Futures Pull Back Following Vaccine NewsStock Markets Continue To Bounce AroundStock Markets Poised For Another Weekly LossStocks Suffer Worst Day Since 1987Storm Threatens The Refining Country Strong Gains in Energy PricesStrong Rally In Energy Prices Runs Out Of SteamStrong Wave Of Selling Has Wiped Out GainsSupply Disruptions Have Energy Prices Pushing 2% GainsSupreme Court Hears Arguments Surrounding Small Refinery Exemptions Surprise Build in Crude Oil InventoriesTACenergy Trader Mark Anderle Quoted by CNBCTAC Air Aids Florence ReliefTAC Air — AMA FBO Expands and Improves in AmarilloTAC Air - AMA moves forward with plan to rebuild terminalTAC Air and The Wall Street Journal Launch Digital Newspaper Distribution for Business Aviation ExecutivesTAC Air at NBAA-BACE 2019TAC Air FBO At Dallas Love Field Braniff Centre Gets Attention Of Dallas Real Estate MarketTAC Air Becomes First FBO Chain to Complete the Audit Process for IS-BAH RegistrationTAC Air Becomes First IS-BAH Registered FBO ChainTAC Air Becomes First Large FBO Chain To Achieve IS-BAH Stage 2 RegistrationTAC Air FBO Enters Dallas Market In Historic WayTAC Air Expands Far North With Acquisition of Prior Aviation FBO At Buffalo Niagara International AirportTAC Air - FSM Helps Animals Get Chance at "Fur-ever" HomesTAC Air - LIT Hosts Military Planes Fleeing StormTAC Air Names Dallas Love Field FBO General ManagerTAC Air Nears Debut of Its Newest FBOTAC Air Opens Doors for Hurricane Relief Efforts TAC Air Promotes New General Manager To Fort Smith FBOTAC Air Safety: Active FOD PreventionTAC Creates Hangar Management Business with AcquisitionTAC Energy Online Ordering Portal Offers Customers Customization and Real Time DataTAC makes two key appointmentsTAC Private Hangars Enters Market To Manage Private Aircraft Facility At Scottsdale AirportTAC - The Arnold Companies Names Joe Gibney Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of TAC Air TACenergy Acquires New Mexico Based Wholesale Fuel Distributor, Desert FuelsTACenergy COO Fred Sloan Elected to SIGMA Board of DirectorsTACenergy Grows Pacific Coast Presence with Addition of Southern California Sales OfficeTACenergy VP & COO Fred Sloan Featured on NBC5 Dallas and FOX4 Good DayTaking A Breather After New Monthly HighsTaking A Trip To The Edge Of A Technical Cliff Technical Trapdoor Opens Teeter-Totter Trading ContinuesTentative Agreements Give Reason To CheerThe Arnold Companies makes major West Coast acquisitionThe Back And Forth Continues For Energy MarketsThe Bulls Survived A Big Test On MondayThe Bulls Took Back Control Of Energy FuturesThe Crescent® Renews and Expands Leases Totaling 48,856 Square FeetThe Daily Price Tug-Of-WarThe Energy Bulls Are On The Ropes Once Again To Start The WeekThe Fall Rally In Energy Prices Officially Ended Thursday After Huge Reversal In Morning TradeThe Great Debate Of Global Oil Supply ContinuesThe Highest Inflation Reading In 30 YearsThe July Rollercoaster ContinuesThe Latest COVID Refining CasualtyThe Meltdown ContinuesNew Lows In The Midst Of Monday’s Manic MeltdownThe Question Roiling Equity Markets The Roller Coaster Ride Continues The Santa Claus Rally Has StartedThe Start To Trading In 2020 The Strategic Petroleum Reserve Disappointed Markets Yesterday And Led To A ~4% Rally In Energy PricesThe Traveler’s Guide to Empty Leg FlightsThe US Has Released 50 Million Barrels Of Oil From The Strategic Petroleum ReserveThe Wild Ride ContinuesTidal Wave Of Selling Knocked 5% Off Petroleum ContractsTight Gasoline On The East Coast And Tight Diesel Across The Southwestern US Continue To Be Major ThemesEarly Rally In Both Energy And Equity Markets Too Many Imports?Top End Of Trading Range TestedTough Start To August Trading Turned UglyTrade Deal Optimism and Equity Markets Moving HigherTrade Deals And Output Cuts Pushing Petroleum Prices HigherTrade Disputes Weighed On Energy PricesTrade Fears Trump Output CutsTrade Teeter Totter Continues To Dominate Trade Teeter Totter Continues To Roil MarketsRally Outkicking Its Coverage?Traders Digest Impacts Of New Oil SanctionsTraders Got Lesson In The Spring Gasoline RallyTraders Look To What Comes Next Traders Running Out The Clock On 2020Traders Struggle To Digest OPEC NewsTraders Taking Cues From Chart DynamicsTraders Torn As Opposing Trend Lines ConvergeTraders Try To Balance Volatile WeekTrendlines Stayed Intact Through Yesterday’s Round Of SellingTrio Of Supply Concerns Dissipate Tropical Depression Nicholas Hovering Over Heel Of LouisianaTropical Storm Gordon Took Path That Avoided Most Gulf Coast Oil Production And Refining AssetsTrump Trade Twitter Tirade Spooked Markets Around GlobeTug Of War Based On FearTug Of War Between Reopening Optimism And Delta Variant FearsTug-Of-War In Energy PricesU.S. Equity Markets Hold Their Breath U.S. Equity Markets Rally To Record HighsU.S. Oil Fund Receives Notice From SEC U.S. President Tests Positive For COVID-19 U.S. Targets China For Role In Climate ChangeUnplanned Outages Of Crude Oil Globally Unusual Day For Market WatchersUpward Trend Intact For Oil And Diesel Prices US Crude Stocks Threw Cold Water On Petroleum Price RallyUS DOE Weekly Inventory RecapU.S. Energy Exports Officially Exceed Imports U.S. Equities Pull Back From Record HighsViolent Protests Have Energy Futures On EdgeViral Selling Takes A Break Virus Concerns Knock Global Equity And Energy Markets LowerVolatile Week Of Trading Volatility Creeps HigherVolatility Drops To Lowest Levels Of The YearVolatility Is The Name Of The GameVolatility Returns To The Energy Arena Weak Mornings And Strong AfternoonsWeaker Equity Markets Give Traders Reason To PauseWeek 1 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 10 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 11 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 11 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 12 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 12 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 13 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 13 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 14 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 14 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 15 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 15 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 16 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 16 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 17 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 17 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 18 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 18 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 19 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 19 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 2 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 20 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 21 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 22 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 23 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 24 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 25 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 26 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 27 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 28 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 29 - 21 US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 29 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 3 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 30 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 30 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 31 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 31 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 32 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 32 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 33 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 33 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 34 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 34 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 35 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 35 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 36 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 36 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 37 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 37 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 38 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 38 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 39 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 39 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 4 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 40 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 40 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 41 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 41 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 42 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 42 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 43 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 43 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 44 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 44 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 44 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 45 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 45 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 46 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 46 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 47 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 47 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 48 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 48 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 49 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 49 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 5 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 50 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 50 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 51 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 51 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 52 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 52 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 53 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 1 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 54 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 55 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 56 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 57 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 6 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 7 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 8 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeek 9 - US DOE Inventory RecapWeekly Dose Of Energy FundamentalsWhat A Difference A Year MakesWhat to Expect at Your DestinationWheels Came Off Gasoline’s Spring RallyWheels Come Off Energy BusWhiplash Is The Theme This WeekWhy Are Gasoline Prices Moving Lower Today?Wild Week Comes To A CloseWild Week For Energy MarketsWild Week Of Market WhiplashWinter Storm Cripples Demand Along East CoastWinter Storm Impacts Refinery Production Wipeout Continues For Energy PricesWitnessing A Technical Breakout In Energy PricesWorld Anxiously Awaits U.S. Election Results Worst Of The Winter Doldrums May Be Behind UsWorst Week For U.S. Equity And Energy PricesWorst Week Of Selling In Nearly A Year WTI and Brent Reach 2 Month HighsWTI And RBOB Futures Reach Highest Levels Since 2014 WTI Drops To Lowest Settlement Value In A Month WTI Punched Through 200 Day Moving AverageWTI Settled Lower For 10th Straight Session Yo-Yo Action Continues In Energy Markets
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